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How do you get through the Holidays when you're grieving?


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Grief Resources (National & Local)

Twin Cities Compassionate Friends – November 2022

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Zoom meetings nearly every night of the week

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Meeting Descriptions:


* Grief Book Club - Whether you have finished the book or not, it does not matter. The monthly book about grief is just a jumping off point for you to learn more about the grieving process. 


* Sibling Grief Writing - We start with intros and group guidelines and then do our writing sessions from two different prompts, sharing (if you want to) from two prompts. And there’s time after to chat and discuss things or ask questions and get to know each other better.


* Growing up with Grief - Whether you are currently 15 or 50 years old, losing a sibling when you were a child presents different challenges as losing a sibling when you are an adult. So, if you lost your sibling when you were a kid, this group is a great place to explore what is was like to "Grow Up with Grief".


* Meeting with Jordon - Since Jordon is the Sibling leader for the Manhattan Chapter, the "pre-registration" meetings start off as a combined Parents and Sibling meeting (so, if you have been trying to get your folks to a meeting, this is the one). Then it breaks off into 2 breakout groups; 1) Parents ONLY and 2) Siblings ONLY. The meetings with a Meeting ID are a SIBS ONLY meeting the entire time. 


* Creative Expression - Come join us for Creative Expression. Bring your latest project to share and let’s say their names.  We do a little of “show and tell” (what each of us are working on) + some creative writing + a simple exercise or project that we complete together...or all three!


* Meeting with Jason - This is probably the most informal of the weekly meetings. We start with about 30 minutes of hanging out and checking in. If there are new people, we do formal introductions and then talk about pertinent grief topics. Sometimes we share stories and pictures, other times we tackle the big issues. Coming and just listening is always an option (just let me know). 


* Twins Only - This meeting is specific for siblings that have lost their twin. If you are a twin that has lost your other half, there is a community waiting for you.


* Sunday Connection - The Wild West of our sibling meetings. This meeting is unmoderated and completely unstructured. So just pop on and talk about whatever is going on for you. It is a good way to check in and get you prepared for the week ahead. If no one is in the room, post on the TCF SIBS or Sounds of the Siblings FaceBook Group and I am sure someone will hop on.



Tuesday evenings, Dec. 2021-Jan. 2022. Registration Deadline is December 10th, 2021. Space is Limited. 

Please see attached flyer:

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                      **Handling Grief During the Holidays** 
Compiled by The Compassionate Friends Minneapolis Chapter

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                            **BRIGHTER DAYS GRIEF CENTER**

                                         Eden Prairie, MN

Brighter Days Grief Center is a newly established nonprofit organization serving individuals anticipating or enduring the death of a beloved family member. Although we are a Grief Center providing free services and resources, we are so much more than that at our core. We are a community of families turned into volunteers, staff and board that are bound together by our own experiences.

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