We meet 7:00–8:30 pm on the third Monday of each month.

St. Joseph Parish Community 

8701 36th Ave N 

New Hope, MN 55427 

Corner of 36th Ave N & Boone Ave N 


A bereaved sibling facilitates the group. Siblings meet separately, but at the same location and time as our Chapter meeting. 






A day on the calendar invites us to begin a new year with resolutions inspiring us to do and be better. For bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings, a new day means another day without our loved one. We begin to treasure memories thru tears. One minute or day at a time, yesterday’s memories will inspire today’s smiles, leading to tomorrow’s hope. 






Join us for our annual, special remembrance program which takes the place of our regular meeting. Sign-in begins at 6 pm. 

Minneapolis Chapter 

Remembrance Candle Lighting


Monday, December 16, 2019 

Social Hour begins at 6:00 p.m.     Program begins 7:00 p.m.

                                                                   Our chapter’s annual remembrance candle lighting program is                                                                                      Monday, December 16 at our regular meeting location.

                                                                                                     St. Joseph Parish 

                                                                                                     8701 36th Ave. N 

                                                                                                          New Hope


This event takes the place of our regular Chapter Meeting. Parents, siblings, grandparents, family 

and friends are invited to join us. 


The evening begins at 6:00 pm with sign-in at the front door; social time begins with refreshments, apple cider and coffee until 7:00 pm. A free-will offering will be appreciated to help offset the costs. Ornaments are provided (one per family) which we will personalize with your child’s name. You may hang it on the memory tree and afterwards, take home as a memento. 

The remembrance candle lighting program begins at 7:00 p.m. with beautiful music as well as readings by our members, followed by lighting of candles in remembrance of our children, grandchildren, and siblings. The evening will conclude with our photo presentation. 

To include your child/grandchild/sibling’s photograph in the slide show, please email a photograph to Steve at sch2450@hotmail.com. Send a high quality .jpg for best results. The DEADLINE is December 1. You DO NOT need to send us a photo of your child if you have already sent one in previous years; we still have it. 

If you would like to participate in the program by reading a poem or prose, email Gloria at tcf.mpls.editor@gmail.com with your name, the title and author of your selection. The DEADLINE is December 1 to be included in the program. 

This is our largest event honoring our children, grandchildren, and siblings. We would appreciate your help! If you are able, come early to set up or stay after to help clean up. You may donate your family’s favorite sweet or savory FINGER FOODS, fruit or veggie tray, crackers or cheese, cookies, bars, or apple cider. To lend a hand, sign up at our November 18 meeting or call Carol at 763-542-8528. 

If we need to postpone due to severe weather, we will post a notice on our Chapter Facebook page and channel KARE11.





Holidays can magnify our loss. The work and pain of grief doesn’t take a vacation.  Sometimes the anticipation is worse than the actual day. Seasoned grievers will share ideas, and together we’ll explore options.



Mitch Carmody, grief educator & bereaved dad, will inspire and encourage us to grieve our loss, reclaim the future and participate in life again. Let our loved one’s legacy live on through us and they will live forever.


Mitch’s son Kelly died from a brain tumor in 1987, and 2 years before that, Mitch’s twin sister and her two young sons died in a car accident.  


As bereaved dad and sibling, Mitch has dedicated his life to serving the bereaved and helping those lost find hope, and those in the dark find light. A Grief Educator, Author, and Artist, Mitch is the author of Letters to My Son, he hosts his own radio show “Grief Chat,” and he created the YouTube channel, Mr. Heartlight which supports grievers around the world. All this for those who grieve and mourn; for those who have lost all hope, or feel stuck in their life; who seek to become an intentional survivor; and for those who want to leave a legacy of love. 

With his insight, Mitch will encourage us to substantiate our child, grandchild, and sibling’s life by the way we live ours. This will let their legacy live on through us and they will live forever. This not only keeps our loved one alive, it heals our heart.        www.heartlightstudios.net 




Mark your calendar for Sunday, September 29 for our annual Chapter Walk to Remember. We walk to remember our children, siblings, and grandchildren who have died. Invite extended family and friends to join us. 

This is our Chapter’s annual fund raiser. There is no fee to walk, but donations are appreciated. We are a recognized 501(c)(3) organization; all donations are tax deductible. Funds received are used to support our chapter’s many activities that assist families after the death of a child. 

Join us at beautiful Bassett Creek Community Park in Crystal, (same park as last year). The official park address is 6001 32nd Ave. N, between Douglas Dr. N and Hwy 100. See our Walk location instructions below: 

WALK LOCATION INSTRUCTIONS: IMPORTANT - Do NOT use the park entrance off 32nd Ave N. near the ballfield. Turn south off 32nd Ave N. onto Welcome Ave., then turn right, towards the parking area off Welcome Ave., near the playground. Meet at the picnic shelter near the parking lot, just down the asphalt trail. 

Check-in begins at Noon; we’ll start the walk at 12:30. It’s just a quick, less than 1-mile jaunt around the pond on an asphalt trail, but we can go around as many times as you want. 

Invite family and friends to join us for friendship and healing. It’s heart-warming to see a family wearing matching t-shirts; others brought balloons pinned to their shirts that “lifted” their shoulders. This scenic venue offers free parking, picnic shelters, disc golf, volleyball, a memorial garden with benches, a new playground area, dog park, and more. 

We will carry the names of our children on bibs provided by the chapter. If you are unable to join us, please submit your child’s name and someone will be honored to carry your child with us on our walk (email your child’s name to tcf.mpls@gmail.com). 


is also a fundraiser to aid our mission.  Participants are encouraged to

seek donations that will go to our Minneapolis Chapter to support outreach

and Chapter activities. The attached PDF file is a form to record donations

collected, then bring with you to the walk. Any amount helps! 




Su-Yoon Ko is a professional organizer and feng shui practitioner whose work specializing in bereavement organizing naturally led her to becoming a certified End-of-Life Douala and Advance Care Planner. 

“We want to help you honor and remember your loved one, while letting go of the need to hold on to every object, especially if they do not fit you or your life’s goals. I can’t imagine your loved one would want to burden you with something you don’t use or love.“ 

In her talk, Su-Yoon will explore different ways to define clutter, along with ideas on how to navigate the belongings of our deceased child, grandchild, or sibling. Keep in mind: There is no right or wrong for when or how to let things go; it depends on what is right for you. A good place to start...give yourself permission to let thing go. 

www.DeclutteringKey.com          www.facebook.com/AmethystLightEOL




Maggie Bauer, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and Compassionate Friends sibling, will facilitate a sibling panel - Helping Parents Understand Surviving Siblings’ Grief. These siblings will share their feelings and answer questions in a quest to help parents and siblings to reopen the door to communication. Parents and grandparents will be able to ask questions that they only wish they could ask their surviving child(ren). Listening to a panel of siblings gives parents and grandparents an inside look at what their surviving child(ren) may be thinking and feeling.


Maggie will take a few moments to share highlights from the 42nd Compassionate Friends Conference in Philadelphia.

MONDAY, JULY 15, 2019 -



Members and extended family are invited to join us for our annual Balloon Release and Picnic ceremony on Monday, July 15 at 6:00 pm. This event will take place at our regular meeting location and will be in lieu of our regular meeting.  Dinner will be first, followed by the balloon release. This event will take place rain or shine.  We will dine indoors.

Experience a release of grief as we send our balloons into the sky. It's a powerful symbolic image, lifting our pain as we watch the balloons dance out of sight.

The Chapter will provide all the food, all you need to bring is your beverage.  A donation will be appreciated to help with expenses:  suggested $5/person, 10 & under free.

We would appreciate a few volunteers to arrive early to help set up and/or stay after to help clean up.

If July is a Remembrance month for you, please bring a memento or photo to display on the Remembrance Table.

Information also available on the Events Page.

MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2019

“Bucket of Blooms” - We’ll pick a fresh flower from a bucket of blooms and share why that flower reminds us of our child. A favorite activity and an opportunity to share our child’s name. 

MONDAY, MAY 20, 2019

“Mindfulness” - Awareness of our self and our surroundings helps us stay grounded in the present moment. Simple exercises of mindfulness increase awareness, acceptance, and expression of feelings which can help healyour heart and mind. 

MONDAY, APRIL 15, 2019

“Rituals and Traditions” - We’ll discuss the purpose and importance of establishing rituals and traditions that we can use to remember our children. Many examples will be given and there will be time to share the rituals and traditions that have been a comfort to you on your grief journey. 

MONDAY, MARCH 18, 2019

“Grief Within the Family” - Although the loss is shared, communication styles, family structure, and previous loss experienced are issues that may surround the death of a child, grandchild, and sibling across three generations. 


“Do Men & Women Grieve Differently?" - Doer/thinker? Extrovert/introvert? Also, previous loss, personality, and relationship with the deceased all play into how we ex-press grief. Men and women will meet separately in small groups. 

MONDAY, JANUARY 21, 2019 -

"Choice Points In Your Grief" - (Topic based on an article by bereaved parent, Darcie Sims, PhD.)

Early in grief, basic choices allow us to function in spite of being in a fog.  As grief progresses, our choices become more complex.  Can we choose to remember joy before pain; let go of sorrow to make room for love; remember their life, not just the death?


"Candle Lighting Program" - Join us for our annual, special remembrance program which takes the place of our regular meeting.  Sign-in begins at 6 pm.  Please see Events tab for more information.


"Handling the Holidays" - Holidays can magnify our loss. The work and pain of grief doesn’t take a vacation. Sometimes the anticipation is worse than the actual day. Seasoned grievers will share ideas, and together we’ll explore options and make a plan to survive.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2018 -

"Collage - the Art of Healing" Sue Reed Crouse, bereaved mom, artist and poet demonstrates how she honors her daughter's legacy through collage. (rescheduled from February) 


"Walk to Remember" - Please see Events tab for details of this popular, special event for family and friends.


"Angels Across the USA Tour Special Guest Speaker:  Alan Pedersen" - Bereaved Dad and nationally recognized grief spokesperson, Alan will share his music and a message of encouragement and hope.

We are thrilled to announce we are hosting Alan Pedersen as our guest presenter at our September 17 meeting. We are honored to be one of his stops on his 2018 "Angels Across the USA" tour, appearing at over 100 cities.


Alan is the father of Ashley, who died in a car accident in 2001. Alan will share what he has learned on his own grief journey and from the thousands of other grievers who have shared their stories of loss, pain, hope, and healing with him. He combines his acclaimed music with a gentle mix of humor and straight-from-the-heart talk. This inspirational event will be a mixture of learning and laughing, with a mission to offer comfort, hope, and encouragement. 

During the last few years, Alan put his presentation tour on hold as he was the Executive Director for The Compassionate Friends. 

His music is very popular with bereaved people and organizations around the world. You may have heard some of his songs, as our Chapter has included Alan’s songs during our candle lighting and balloon release events. 

Powerful songs about love and loss, and a down-to-earth message are the hallmark of an evening with Alan Pedersen! Anyone who has the opportunity to be a part of his “Angels Across the USA” tour will find a unique, healing, and memorable experience. 

Bereaved parents, grandparents, family, friends, and siblings (age 14+) are invited to join us Monday, September 17, 2018, 7 p.m.-9 p.m. Please contact us for more information or with questions. tcf.mpls@gmail.com or (612) 444-1301 

MONDAY, AUGUST 20, 2018 - 

"National Conference Highlights" - Members who attended the recent National Conference will reflect on their experiences from attending activities and workshops. What did they take away to give us hope and healing?